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FUNctional Tricks

In this 5-week class we will have fun teaching our dogs to perform helpful tricks around the house. Tricks such as ring a bell to go potty, close the door, get me a tissue. This class is a great way to improve the bond with your canine companion. This class will teach you how to get the most out of your clicker while having fun and building your pet’s confidence. Prerequisites: Must be able to get your dog’s attention and have fun!

Tricks and Shaping

The only requirement for this 5-week class is that you can get your dog’s attention. We start off this class with learning some shaping and targeting skills. We then move on to learning some interactive games that you can play with your dog and then to learning tricks such as roll over, shake, little bear and crawl. This is a great way to build the human-canine bond. We limit this class to 8 dogs. Advance registration is required.

Jog the Dog

Travis runs the Jog the Dog side of Training With Grace. Here he is with two of his favorite clients, Yeti (left) and Kila (right). Travis has been running with them since the spring of 2009 and they run 2-3 times a week in all kinds of weather. It's a clear fall day here in Wash Park. They encounter geese, squirrels, other runners, baby-strollers and, of course, other dogs.

The goal is to have a fun and safe time, so Travis works with the girls to ensure the outing is a positive one. He lets the girls set the pace, although sometimes they get a little excited and crank it up. The course they follow is comfortable and not too close to the geese or other critters, and they don't go past a comfortable distance of about 3 miles.

If you want to schedule a Jog the Dog session, please email Travis.


We have an exciting new sport in town! It’s called Treibball!

Treibball, or “herding ball” is a new competitive dog sport developed in Germany primarily for herding and working dogs (who need a job). ny dog who’s good off-leash, wants to have fun with his owner, and loves to chase balls, can play.

The game is played with eight fitness-type balls and a goal. When the handler blows the whistle, the dog is directed to the ball farthest from the net. The dog can only use his nose or shoulder to herd that ball and then the other seven into the net—in fifteen minutes. When all the balls are in the net, the dog lies down in front, just like penning sheep! Smaller dogs can herd smaller balls, larger dogs bigger ones.

Must take Intro to Treibball first then Treibball. Class is 6 weeks long.

Body Language Playgroup

This class is an absolute must for anyone with a dog! The Please come without your dog for the first class.. You will be watching some video footage, receiving your class materials and learning the basics about dog body language. In this class we will be observing our dogs at play. We will be watching for appropriate body language and play between dogs. We will learn when to intervene and when to let our dogs communicate. We limit this class to 8 dogs between the ages of 16 weeks and 2 years. No aggressive dogs please. No females in season. Advance registration is required. This is a 5-week class.