Our Team


Ana Melara, CPDT-KA

Ana Melara has been working with dogs and their families for over 2 decades, originally in N.Y.C. and for more than 16 years here in Colorado.

She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and member of the (APDT) Association of Professional Dog Trainers and a member of (IAABC) International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. She is TAGteach Certified. She is a Canine Good Citizen evaluator.

She keeps herself current by attending and hosting various workshops, seminars and conferences. Her training techniques are founded on praise-based, dog-friendly and people-friendly methods, and a fundamental belief that, as dog guardians, we are responsible for their well-being and training. Whether she is teaching basic manners, agility, puppy socialization, potty training or addressing a dog’s aggression issues, Ana stresses to all of her human clients the profound importance that their gentle leadership plays in their dog’s training.

Ana also donates her time and services to various rescue organizations in the Denver Metro Area. Ana lives in Lakewood with her husband, her daughter and her 3 perfect dogs. Chaka, her crazy-pants trick dog, Tatonka, her sweet 9-ish year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who has gone from nervous and growly to happily waggly, Meg is her 13.5 year-old black lab everything superstar.

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Ana can be reached by emailing, or calling  303-238-DOGS(3647).


Our deeply loved Gracie has been gone for 3 years now. Gracie was a whippet/pit-bull mix that I found tied to a fence in NYC in 1999. She was in bad shape, weighing 25 lb. with broken teeth, a broken spirit and missing over 50% of the hair on her body. She came home with me to teach me many lessons. With love, hope, passion, understanding and guidance she quickly became a more beautiful, confident, strong RockStar! In 2008 Gracie competed in Cynosports World Games, USDAA Agility. She has multiple agility titles under her belt and has helped puppies, dogs with aggression issues and countless others. We said our last goodbyes to Gracie on July 3, 2014. She is deeply loved even in her absence. We will always remember her loving her belly-rubs and liver cookies and her taking naps under the blankets. She continues to touch the lives of so many.


Meg is a black lab who joined our family in 2003 at about 12 weeks old. She is the easiest dog we’ve ever had. She’s smart, patient and a great listener. Meg helps our team with our puppy classes as well as in our agility classes. She also competed in the Cynosports World Games, USDAA Agility in 2008 with Gracie. Meg has been a great guide to our young puppies and a steady gentle dog that helps us work with anxious or fearful dogs in social settings. At 13.5 years old now, she is entering semi-retirement and loving every minute of free cheese.


Argos was a German Shepherd mix who joined our family in early 2002. He was found as a stray in a neighboring state and was brought to Colorado for some medical attention. He was a huge asset to the Grace Dog Training & Behavior team. Argos helped us with young puppies who had severe aggression issues. On multiple occasions he played nursemaid to infant kittens. Argos loved his K-9 Nose-Work and was absolutely lovely with young children. He taught me patience, forgiveness and dedication. Argos left us just shy of 17 years old. In his last year with us, he spent a lot of time in the kitchen reminding us to feed him from our plates. Travis always wondered why I would make myself a 6 egg omelet, ah, sharing.


Tatonka came to us in March of 2010 with multiple lacerations, punctures and scars from having been bound by his wrists. His physical scars have all healed and we regularly show him that there are more people in this world who are gentle and safe. He is very well loved. He now helps us with dogs who have the very same issues that he used to have, aggression, fear and anxiety. He is a gift. He loves Rebeca and snuggles up in her bed when she’s off at school.


Chaka is a character! Ana met Chaka at the Friends Of Charlie’s Place Shelter in Dumont, CO. She was a stray found at 8 months old. She holds steady at about 9 lbs. She wiggled and danced around for Ana to notice her and she did! Chaka is silly, athletic, has a ridiculous appetite and is always willing to learn, play and go on an adventure. She’s probably about 3 years old now and is a wonderful, tremendously important part of the Grace Dog Training & Behavior Family. What’s to come?


Travis is Ana’s husband. They met in N.Y.C. at the dog-run in Hell’s Kitchen. He has a background in para-medicine, firefighting and spent 6 years serving our country in the Army. In 2008 Travis started the Jog the Dog service for Grace Dog Training & Behavior. Travis takes high-energy, special needs dogs out for runs, jogs and vigorous power walks in order to help families with busy schedules and to to drain some of your dog’s energy in a focused mindful way. Jog the Dog is an excellent alternative for dogs who are not fit for a daycare environment and for dogs learning how to mind their manners out in public. A tired dog with all of his emotional needs met is a good dog. Travis can be reached by emailing him at, or calling 303-238-DOGS(3647)..


Rebeca is our daughter and she is perfection! She helps us socialize puppies and dogs to children. She helps therapy dogs practice for reading programs. Rebeca has been working with dogs since she was an infant. She has been riding horses from the tender age of 8 months and is currently training weekly. She loves skiing and exploring cooking classes. Rebeca is attending Montessori schooling and loves reading. She is planning on getting her own horse when she gets older!


Lisa Krieger

Lisa Krieger was born at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. As the daughter of an Airman, she lived in four other states and in Germany before settling back in her home state. She has loved and raised dogs all her life. In addition to her three human children, Lisa has added three basset hound mixes to her family. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in History from Metropolitan State College, she happily became a stay-at-home mom. However she remained busy as a volunteer for the Denver VA Hospital. It was her experience at the hospital that eventually led her to become a dog trainer. Lisa’s grandfather was a WII Combat Veteran. In remembering the loving relationship he had with his dog, Lisa began volunteering for Freedom Service Dogs and the Humane Society. She then decided that she wanted to train dogs full-time and pursue a career as a professional trainer.
Lisa graduated from the Animal Behavior College as a Certified Obedience Instructor in 2015. She teaches group classes at Grace Dog Training & Behavior and helps run their Play Group & LEARN program. She also works part time for a local canine rescue teaching puppy classes and continues to volunteer as a handler for Freedom Service Dogs. Lisa is thrilled to be a part of the Grace Dog Training & Behavior team and looks forward to helping the relationships between dogs and their families grow. She is also looking forward to gaining her certification as a CPDT-KA in the Fall. She believes that gentle, relationship-based training is the best method for teaching and guiding our canine companions and she is grateful to be part of the Grace Dog Training & Behavior family.


jontereyJonteray has been an animal lover all her life. In college she became a regular volunteer at a local no-kill shelter and was often drawn to the special needs individuals. About 10 years ago her passion for dog training was truly sparked. It all started with her dog Dolce, who came to her full of anxiety – including being afraid of strangers, terrified of most men, very reactive towards other dogs, and sensitive to change and routine. Jonteray’s passion to help other dogs developed from helping Dolce with her issues. Since then she has been striving to learn more about canine behavior and training. She has worked with hundreds of dogs training basic manners and therapy dog certification skills. She works with dogs with reactivity and fear behaviors. She loves being a part of the Grace Dog Training & Behavior team and currently helps run their Play Group & LEARN program. She can’t wait to work with you and your pup!