BRAND NEW service at GRACE Dog Training & Behavior!

Going somewhere?

Grace Dog Training & Behavior will board your best friend and love them as we do our own.

Our pricing is as follows:

* First dog = $75 per day (or any part of the day.) Puppies = $100

* Second dog = $65 per day (or any part of the day)

* Third dog = $55 per day (or any part of the day)

Amenities and add-ons:

  • One-on-one attention from the Grace Dog Training & Behavior staff.
  • Lessons from our professional dog training staff.
  • Play Group and Learn classes (if your dog is here during that time)
  • Lovely hikes and walks by our Jog the Dog professional staff.

* PLUS: a professional trainer will stay with your dog over night! This is a REMARKABLY RARE service!

Please fill out the following Boarding Intake Form and return to us prior to making your reservation.

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