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Welcome to the NEW Grace Dog Training & Behavior training center.

Please join us for an Open House and Ribbon Cutting ceremony!

* Food & drinks for attendees
* Door prizes and gifts for attendees!
* Demonstrations by our amazing dogs with our amazing staff!

Please no dogs at the celebration.

When: Thursday, December 3, 2015
Time: 5:30pm: Open House
6:00pm: Ribbon Cutting
Where: 1930 Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, CO 80214

We will have food, drinks, and a KISSING BOOTH that will raise funds for THE GRACE FUND.

Your contributions help families whose dogs would otherwise be surrendered to a shelter or rescue or worse, all due to behavior problems!

Please contribute to the GRACE FUND and help us to continue this cherished project.

When you come to us for training, you and your dogs will always be treated with great kindness and respect and training will be fun. We promise you that we will never use harsh corrections, a choke chain, a pincher collar or a shock collar on your dog, ever.  Thank you for trusting in us and allowing us to serve you in this way.

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Training With Grace is on the Radio!

The radio show, By The Grace Of Dog is on every Friday at Noon MST. You can visit us here to learn more about upcoming shows.

Click here for information on the Upcoming Show

Here are the upcoming shows:

Previous Radio Shows:

To suggest a topic for our talks or to send in questions, please email us at and put “Radio Show” in the subject line.

The By The Grace Of Dog Radio Show has taken the place of Monday Night Talks, but do not fret – our past Monday Night Talks are still available below!



The Radio Show will be taking place of Monday Night Talks, but do not fret – our past talks are still available below!


Double Dog Management This class is for families overwhelmed by a multi-dog household. Ana will show you how to read body language in order to prevent arguments in the home and how to set appropriate boundaries for mutual respect among all family members.

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Greetings When two dogs meet it can be very stressful. During this talk Ana will walk you through the appropriate way for your dog to meet another.

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Go to your Crate! Does your dog hate his crate? In this talk you will learn how to teach your dog to love his crate. Teaching your dog to love his crate will build attention and focus in your dog. This crate behavior will transfer to other places in your home life. No more front door dodging, no more broken stays and more.

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Polite Leash Walking Got a puller? Not after this class you won’t.  Ana will guide you in teaching your dog how to walk politely on leash and teach you how to reinforce the good behaviors and how to manage the hard core pullers.

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Ding Dong! Does your dog go completely bonkers when the doorbell rings? Do your guest get clawed and jumped on at the door? In this talk we will focus on door manners and greetings. Sitting politely for petting, management and training.

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Manners, Manners, Manners! Manners are important for every dog. In this class you will learn about dog body language and how your behavior affects your dog’s behavior and manners. You’ll also learn some great tips on how to get started on the road to some very nice manners.

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No More Jumping up! Does your dog jump on everyone? Leaving claw marks and scratches on everyone he meets? Do not despair. Ana will show you how to prevent jumping and reinforce “four on the floor”. Super fast results and both you and your dog will be happy.

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Boundaries Does your do bolt out the front door? Does your dog understand where your property line is. Does your dog know to stay in the yard if the gate is open? Boundaries are important for your dog to recognize and will keep them safe.

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What are you Chewing on?! In this talk, Ana will guide you in choosing appropriate chew toys and treats for even the most voracious chewers. She will also address the importance of teaching your dog to make good choices when faced with a leather shoe or a dog toy.

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Mine! Does your dog growl at you when you come near his or her food bowl?  Will your dogs get into a scuffle over a favorite chew toy?  Ana will talk in depth about “resource guarding,” as well as how to manage it and safely train alternate behaviors.

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Play with your dog! What’s a good play interaction with your dog? What’s not? Does tugging make your dog aggressive? Does your dog own all of the toys in the house? When is a good time to end play? What are some good outlets for your dog’s energy? Learn the answers to these questions and more.

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So, You want to be a dog trainer? Have you ever considered dog training as a career? Do you have what it takes? Can you make any money at it? Do you think you can help dogs and their people? Do you work in a rescue or a shelter? Do you work in a vet clinic? Do you work as a dog walker, groomer or in boarding? Do you simply want to learn more about body language a better handling techniques? Do you want to teach classes and private training? Talk with Ana and she can help you decide if this is the right career path for you. Bring your questions, goals and plans. She’s great at helping you see the big picture.

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The Story of Gracie Learn about how Ana and Gracie found each other in the heart of New York City. Learn about how Gracie taught Ana about patience, gentleness, compassion and perseverance. Have your tissues handy. This is a story of love.

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