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This is Training With Grace’s favorite harness: Click here to visit Walk In Sync Inc., Ana’s favorite Harness

Training With Grace is not quick to endorse many things, this is favorite harness. Click here to visit Walk In Sync Inc.

Theresa McKeon Brings TAGteach to Training With Grace

Dates: November 1 & 2, 2014
Time: 9am-5pm each day

Register here.


Agility Run-Throughs

This and Every Wednesday, Training With Grace will be hosting Agility Run-Throughs from 12pm to 2pm.

Also, join us every other Friday at 6:00pm-7:30pm. The current schedule is 11/28, 12/19 & 1/2.

The cost is $15 for 2 runs. Please no females in season, no aggressive dogs, no rough methods of training. Please bring your happy dogs and a great attitude and lots of yummy cookies and toys.

So You Wanna Be a Dog Trainer, Too?

The Next Semester of the Rocky Mountain Regional Dog Trainer Academy start January 9 2015! 

Training With Grace is also home of the Rocky Mountain Regional Dog Trainer Academy!  Our 12-week intensive, basic program or our 6-week focused dog-trainer coaching program are ideal for:

  • the aspiring professional dog trainer who dreams of this as their new or next career.
  • the dog-related business owner or veterinarian who wants to enrich their business and train/educate their staff.
  • the rescue worker or volunteer who wants to help dogs become more adoptable!
  • dog enthusiasts in general!

Class space is limited, though, so don’t delay — apply today!