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Grace Dog Training & Behavior!


You now will advance through levels based on your skills as a team, PLUS you can attend several different classes every week, at no extra cost. How cool is THAT?

Taking full advantage of classes (based on your level), your average per class cost is between $10 – $16.

Impulse Control . Polite Leash Walking

Canine Good Citizen . Coming When Called

Sit . Down . Stay . and more

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Dog and ball

Package Pricing:

Please sign up for a 2-month package.

2-month package: $280

At your orientation, you will have the option to upgrade to one of the following:

4-month package: $550

6-month package: $800


Teams at Family Dog Level 1, may participate in all Family Dog Level 1 classes (three per week).

Teams at Family Dog Level 2, may participate in all Family Dog Level 2 and Family Dog Level 1 classes (six per week), etc.

You are only paying between $10 – $16 per class if you take full advantage of the classes offered. How incredible is that?

All teams must start with an orientation day (offered twice per month), no exceptions.  Immediate Level advancement based on daily assessments.

If you recently adopted a puppy, an adolescent or adult dog, call us to start training right away.