Endurance Dog- Intro to FitPAWS:

In this 6 week class we will show you exercises for balance, strength, endurance and flexibility in your dog. Balance exercises strengthen the core and increase body awareness. Strength exercises decrease the probability of injury while allowing for more endurance and speed. Whether your canine is an athlete or a couch potato that needs to shed a few pounds, you will find that Endurance Dog helps build confidence and strengthens your relationship by using positive training.

Course Requirements:

Must have basic manners.

Course Layout:

Week 1: Introduction to warming up, stretching and cooling down. Basic ground and exercises.

Week 2: Review stretches and warm ups. Introduction to Pods, Balance discs and Cavaletti Poles.

Week 3: Introduction to Wobble Boards, Peanuts and Donuts.

Week 4: Increased difficulty of previous skills.

Week 5: Musical discs.

Week 6: Rally X course.

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