Terry Ryan
Poultry In Motion - 4 Day Chicken Camp

Date: August 1-4, 2015
Time: 9-5 each day
$400 per person in a working spot, $200 per person in an audit spot
20 people in working spots, 20 people in audit spots

Location: Training With Grace
9100 West 6th Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80215 

Training a chicken is a stretch and a boost to your mechanical skills. The average chicken is faster than the average dog, giving you a chance to improve your coordination and timing.

Chickens will freeze or fly away if they don’t like the way you are training them.  Unlike dogs, you will know immediately if you are taking advantage of a chicken or pushing too hard, too fast.  Chickens don’t give their trainers a second chances as often as our dogs do.

Terry Ryan, has been a dog training class instructor since 1968. Terry teaches pet dog classes, writes books, presents national and international seminars and workshops, hosts interns, consults.