Just For Fun

Canine Disc Play

Learn the basic skills of disc play with your dog, including: how to hold and throw a disc at least 10 yards; how to get a smooth hand-off from your dog; how to set your dog up for the next throw. 
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Freestyle Disc Dog

This class will introduce the basic skills involved in putting together a freestyle routine, including a variety of throws, putting tricks together in sequence, the best disc placement for your individual dog, choosing freestyle music, and what to expect 
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Scent Work For Fun


This 6-week class teaches the dog to use its nose to find a specific scent or odor on cue. Dogs have a natural ability to hunt using their noses. You will learn how to use this skill for exercise and fun.

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Tricks for Treats


Is your dog bored with performing sit, down and stay over and over? Are you bored with it too? We will discuss and practice various methods for training a variety of tricks, such as shake, speak, roll over, spin, play dead, fetch and many other trick 
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