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Jog the Dog

We are pleased to introduce you to the newest addition to the line-up of classes offered by Training With Grace. Not necessarily a class, but definitely a must have for the healthy dog, be sure to check out Jog the Dog.  You may know Travis as Ana's husband or that guy who's always picking up or setting down something heavy. He now officially joins the team as the primary Jog the Dog dude. He's been a supporter of TWG for more than 9 years and is happy to be an official and integral part of the company now. As Ana's husband he fills the positions of right hand man, personal chef, Mr. Fix-it, chauffeur to Ana and the dogs and Dad to their adorable daughter, Rebeca. As the Jog the Dog dude he...well, he jogs with your dog. If he's feeling really daring, he may even rollerblade with you dog.  Based on your pooch the time and distance get tailored to what Fluffy needs. Oh, be sure to ask him for his chili recipe the next time you see him too.

Travis' Jog the Dog service fees are as follows:

1 - 45 minute outing for $50
3 - 45 minute outings for $125
5 - 45 minute outings for $200
The outings must be taken between 8:30am and 3pm on weekdays.  Each additional dog in the same household is $15 per outing.

If you are interested in Travis' services, please contact Ana at [email protected]


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