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The In-Home Private Session
This is a time where you and your family give Ana the grand tour of your home life.  Ana wants to know everything having to do with your dog's environment and your relationship with him or her.  Then together a plan is formulated.  This session is a 90 minute session and the cost is $175 with additional fees outside of a 30 minute travel time.  Follow up sessions are 45 minutes and the cost is $75.  Please call our home-office for the area Ana covers and to make an appointment.  You will be asked to complete the following documents and e-mail them to her prior to your session.   Click here for the
Contact Form (Word) & the Participation Agreement (.pdf).

Basic Manners & Self Control - Home Package
This package was created for families or individuals who are not able to make it in to a weekly class.  Ana will guide you through learning to interpreting your dog's body language, teaching your dog polite manners including greeting people politely at the door, sit, lie down, stay, and of course coming when called.

This is available in an 8 week package with the 1st session being a 90 minute session and the following 7 sessions are 45 minutes.  The cost for the 8 week package is $600.

This is also available in a 6 week package with the 1st session being a 90 minute session and the following 5 sessions are 45 minutes.  The cost for the 6 week package is $450.

Ana Melara, CPDT
Trainer & Behavior Counselor
303.942.0718 Office
[email protected]