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Agility Training Journal

Price $16.41 (including 9.75 % tax)

Do you find that your training time is sometimes unorganized? Keeping an Agility Training Journal is essential for tracking progress.

Control Unleashed

Price $26.92 (including 9.75 % tax)

by Leslie McDevitt Learn how to turn stress to confidence and distraction to focus using methods that are 110% positive.

Feeling Outnumbered

Price $8.94 (including 9.75 % tax)

by Patricia McConnell Create order out of canine chaos in your multi-dog home.

Feisty Fido

Price $8.94 (including 9.75 % tax)

by Patricia McConnell and Karen London Help for the leash-aggressive dog

Leader of the Pack

Price $3.54 (including 9.75 % tax)

by Patricia McConnell, PhD It's NOT about "dominance!" Learn how to love your dogs without spoiling them and provide boundaries without intimidation.

On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals

Price $13.97 (including 9.75 % tax)

by Turid Rugaas A noted expert on canine body language, discusses signals dogs use to avoid conflict, invite play, and communicate a wide range of information to other dogs and people.

Play Together, Stay Together

Price $9.84 (including 9.75 % tax)

by Patricia McConnell Play is powerful stuff, and it has a profound influence on your relationship with your dog.

Ruff Love

Price $16.12 (including 9.75 % tax)

by Susan Garrett, The Ruff Love program is designed to dog handlers build a better working relationship with their current competition dog.

Squeeze Tubes

Price $2.74 (including 9.75 % tax)

Perfect for hiking and other outings with your furry friend.

The Cautious Canine

Price $6.24 (including 9.75 % tax)

by Patricia McConnell Learn how to help dogs conquer their fears with desensitization and classical counter-conditioning.

The Power of Positive Dog Training

Price $20.45 (including 9.75 % tax)

by Patricia McConnell Demonstrates how you can train your dog, have fun, and build a lasting relationship at the same time.

The Puppy Primer

Price $13.43 (including 9.75 % tax)

by Patricia McConnell, Puppy Primer is packed with positive reinforcement tips and tricks, realistic expectations, special topics and more.

Training with Grace DVD

Price $4.95

Training with Grace - Good Manners DVD This product is FREE - Shipping and Handling is $4.95

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