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Gift Certificates:

Can't find the right gift this season?  Give the gift of Fun and Manners, a Gift Certificate to Training with Grace.  Purchase gift certificates for the following amounts, that can be used towards particular classes or in any combination they choose.  









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Not sure how much to give?  Take a look at our classes to see what might be the best fit.  


Puppy Socialization & Manners: $45 for 3 Weeks
This class is essential for all new puppies! Here we help to prepare you and your puppy for the real world. In this class we cover: handling, socialization, bite inhibition, appropriate play, housetraining, grooming, impulse control, relationship building games and some basic obedience. We limit this class to 7 puppies up to the age of 16 weeks. Advance registration is required.

Family Dog 1 - Basic Manners and Self Control for the Companion Dog: $150 for 8 Weeks
In this class we cover: dog and human body language, attention to handler, manners, sit, down, stand, stay, recall, walking politely on lead. We also address some real life issues like begging, barking and jumping. Your first class you come without your dog. We limit this class to 7 dogs. Advance registration is required. This is an 8 week session.


Family Dog 2 - Basic Manners and Self Control for the Companion Dog: $150 for 8 Weeks
This class we continue enjoying the relationship we have already started building with our dog.  We play interactive games, learn some tricks, continue looking at human and dog body language, sharpen our manners, continue sharpening our recall and lots more leash walking. We limit this class to 8 dogs. Advance registration is required. This is an 8 week session. 


Really Reliable Recall 101: $100 for 8 Weeks
In this class we teach your dog to come the FIRST time you call.  It works at a distance, when he is with other dogs, when he is with other people, chasing squirrels and sniffing in holes.  This is you emergency recall; the call you need when you need an instant response.  It keeps your dog safe, providing you with peace of mind.  This method was developed by a top trainer using positive reinforcement training methods.  The really Reliable Recall works for puppies and older dogs as well as difficult to train breeds.  In this class we take you through the easy to follow steps to train you dog to truly be reliable off leash.


Fun and Games: $45 for 3 Weeks
The only requirement for this class is that you can get your dog’s attention.  We start off this class with learning some shaping and targeting skills.  We then move on to learning some interactive games that you can play with your dog and then to learning tricks such as roll over, shake, little bear and crawl.  This is a great way to build the human-canine bond. We limit this class to 10 dogs. Advance registration is required. This is a 3-week session.


Agility Foundations - Level 1: $130 for 5 Weeks
This class is for families who are interested in competing in the sport of Dog Agility.  We learn the importance of play and rewards and start our work on the flat, acquiring a good connection and understanding of body language basics including learning hand and body signals using targeting and shaping techniques.  We also learn the importance of warm-up and stretching.  We also get an introduction to jumps, tire, tunnels and the table.  We limit this class to 6 dogs. Advance registration is required. This is a 5 week session.


Agility Foundations Private or Semi-Private Lessons: $100 for 5 Weeks
The prerequisite for this class is Agility Foundations I or a review of your skills with the trainer. This class is tailor made for you and your team.  In this class, we work on expanding handling skills; sharpen contacts; continue work on weave poles; begin work on distance; and target training. Advance registration is required.  We limit this class to 4 dogs.  Advance registration is required.  This is a 5-week session.


Novice Agility Drills Drop-In: $12 or $50 for five sessions
The prerequisite for this class is a working knowledge of all of the obstacles and skills. In this class we practice what you have been working on in your Foundations Class or your Semi-Private Class.  Agility is fun! Dog and companion become a rockin’ team as we practice the various contact obstacles, tunnels, the tire, and hurdles. Our classes are open to mixed breeds and purebreds alike. Here you will get your physical exercise and mental stimulation. You will find that this sport is great for the human-canine bond. Come with a hungry dog and yummy treats, and be ready to have fun!  Please call prior to your first visit.


Advanced Agility Drills Drop-In: $12 or $50 for five sessions
This class is open to dogs and their handlers with more advanced skills. This class is designed for the advanced competitive team. We work on specific handling techniques each week such as; tight turns, weave entries, nailing our contacts, distance handling and keeping your partner motivated.  We also work on drills and full courses in preparation for trials and matches as well as troubleshoot difficulties brought up by class participants and even discuss filling in premiums and packing for an Agility road trip.  Please call prior to your first visit.


The In-Home Private Session: $175 for 1st Visit
This is a time where you and your family give Ana the grand tour of your home life. Ana wants to know everything having to do with your dog's environment and your relationship with him or her. Then together a plan is formulated. The cost for this session is $175 with additional fees outside of a 30 minute travel time. Follow up sessions are 45 minutes and the cost is $75. Please call Ana for the area she covers and to make an appointment.   Click here for the Contact Form (Word).


Ana Melara
Trainer & Behavior Counselor
Member APDT
303.942.0718 Office
[email protected]